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Why am I always haunted by dreams?

I had two last night one that's really disturbing and then one not so much but kind of. They both had similar themes.

I was with some guy I never talk to anymore and we were sparring with (I forgot the korean name) fighting sticks (those are equivlant to two sticks about 3/4 the length of a night stick). Anyway it was just fun passes back and forth in the Dojang I use to go to back home. I don't know why it was there because this guy never did martial arts there. So it went like this.

Guy:"So why is it that you never end up in my neck of the woods and now I come here again and there you are"

Me: I left along time ago

Guy: I know I looked for you for a while. You just disappeared no good byes or anything.

Me: I couldn't give you one. I don't know why I'm even here with you.

Guy: You're the one who showed up not me. What are you looking for?

Me: Lots of things.....(I get nailed with a stick at this point)

Guy: Sorry, you've kind of lost your touch

Me: I haven't done this in years. I'm not as angry as I was. I've turned into quite the pansy

Guy: Heh. You know about Friend (name with held) right

Me: No, what about him?

Guy: You know what I hate about you is you're always right in a round about way about 90% of the time. The times you're wrong you are so fucking wrong it's not even funny...

Me: How profound

Guy: Well you were right to leave. It's like he's comatose but still moving...

Me: Look I didn't come here to know.

Guy: I think you did...but it's your dream...

Me: It was either leave and live or stay and drown. There comes a point where helping ends up wounding. I was past that point...

Guy: No one here blames you. He's so comatose he just goes to work comes home and stares at the tv. You should take comfort in the fact you made the right decision.

Me: Did I?

Guy: You probably should leave your pager's going off.

So I woke up to my pager. I close my eyes and this plays over and over in my head, as soon as I get up though it'll be gone. I like the new DMB song they overplay on the radio. Anyways, Good morning.
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