catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Back in Nebraska

You know, I have a huge problem with prickish men thinking I don't work hard, and I have my standards set a smidge to high. What the fuck? This all came about when I had a discussion with a guy I use to work with. He kinda was my boss at one point. Well we were talking and I said that I got offered an internship with Disney, which I declined. The reasons were the following, a: Disney pays 5.75 an hour and they expect you to live off of that. b: People who they've hired can't dye their hair, wear any kind of piercings, or have tattoos displayed. c: I would have ran rides, grant it, this is better then working at their fast food resturants, but it's not in my field. I just wanted experience interviewing, which is why I signed up. d: Disney requires you to take some classes or something.

Now this guy says something to the extent (paraphrased) you kids always want to start at the top.

EXCUSE ME!!! I've already worked at the bottom...It's not that I don't have a problem with hard work and climbing the ladder up to the top, but at this stage in my life, I don't plan on taking a job that pays slightly better then min. wadge unless that's the only job avaliable.

My first job required a skill set that I went out and got. I made it from the lowest position there to manager. I've worked in the theater where I went from sweeping the stage and shop and building sets to being stage manager. I've worked from being a tech lackey to having my opinion count on what direction a department should go with their technology money.

I don't mind working hard. I do work hard to get from point a to point b. Maybe I'm over reacting...but I dont' think so.
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