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A christmas story (true)

Today there was a little girl who visited santa and whispered in his ear what she wanted for christmas. She went through all the stations at the party, got cake, punch, cookies, got her pic taken with santa and played with the other children. Then she came over to have her face painted. The face painter asked her if she saw santa claus and she nodded, then she asked her what she asked santa claus. The girl said she had to whisper it to the face painter. So the face painter put her ear real close and the girls said she asked for a ring for her mother so she'd be happy. The face painter looked at the girl's mom then finished painting the girls face. When the girl headed off to get cookies the mom hinted at wanting to know what the girl whispered, the face painter smiled and said it's a secret, hoping that this is a wish that comes true this year.
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