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Today I feel super. The stuff I need to do my job came in *YAY* (Insert snoopy dance here) Then I went to TKD to work out tonight. I feel really great. I'm tired and my ankle is a little sore (injury due to my clutziness remember I'm a geek.) This is such a turn around from last night.

I was taking my instructor home and we were talking about the nice heat we've been having. TO be honest I haven't really noticed...except that it's getting colder and colder in people's houses. From that my instructor deducted that I must be really paitent and not have much of a temper. I dunno about that. I'm Irish but I also have Welsh mixed in with that. So you have a real explosive temper mixed in with the most boring nationality on the planet (No one hears about a welsh man blowing up something or kicking and screaming and stuff.) I have a temper when some one finds it. In fact I've lost it once (not the frustrated tempertantrums we through when things aren't going well) I wanted to beat the living tar out of this person. That point, I decided that it was time to stop the martial arts. So that's one reason I'm not a black belt yet. The second is I've been really sick. Due mostly to stress.

I'm currently toying with the idea of throwing like 10-15 hours a week working out. Currently I spend about 8-10 half-assing it. I want my buffed body back (even if it's not tan). This would mean strength training w/o weights (lunges, squats, pushups and crunches), Speed/balance drills, and drills for focus. Then, if I can swing it, swimming. This goes on top of my normal workouts. I need to keep in shape. I think it's the one reason I feel like I do during the summer, then feel like crap when I go back to school.

I think this summer will be the last time I over commit myself. I really didn't over commit myself to bad. I have been in school year round since the summer after I graduated from 8th grade. That's many summers. This summer I just wanted to be a kid. I'm gonna be pushing it on the project at work, but I was smart enough to ask for help...and I shall recieve. (See, dumb blondes can learn after a time or two of falling on their face.)

Anyways...Be good to each other.
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