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So I had the weirdest dream.

It starts off where I'm in a SUV with this chick we're going to this place where you can stay in a cabin and go shark fishing. So I make small talk with her on the way there. She seems like a mostly normal person.

We get there and there's a room with two twin beds, that looks like the room in my grandfather's old house. Except there's a wooden night stand with a lamp between the both of us. So we both unpack and she says lets go fishing.

So we get to this huge indoor place with two swimming pools filled with fish. There's huge manta ray swimming back and forth along with sharks and swordfish and everything else. So we sit down and she goes have you fished before, and I was like not for this, and this guy was here let me help you. I'm Scott.

Then I remember her saying going here let me bait the hook for you. The hook was as big as my balled up fist I was like uh I'm not sure if I want to do this, she was like nonsense just watch out for the mantarays if that large one gets you're hook, you're going into the pool, then whose to say when the last time they fed the sharks huh Scott, they're probably starved so they'll bite at hooks. So she starts fishing and I decide to put my pole down and play with the baby sting rays in the baby pool (the pool looked like the indoor pool on the military base I grew up near.

Then I'm asleep waking up to this chick sitting on her twin bed aiming a pistol at me. I'm like what the fuck are you doing? She said relax you're really a hrd sleeper I've been going click click boom at your head for an hour

So other stuff happened and I'd wake up to here sitting staring at me going you know I'm going to kill you, I just don't know when or how. So I decide I'm not going to get killed and say, you know I'm gonna leave and hide you'll never be able to kill me. Then she said that's find but I'll be looking for you, and don't you come try to kill me, you'll fail.

So she sits down and starts reading. I get up to collect my stuff there were tons of Care Bear stuffed animals around the house. So I decide no I'm going to kill her, I'm not going to run because I don't play like that. So I hide behind the tv in the woodbox she goes about her thing and when she leaves I go use the restroom and streach. Then the last night I get back into this wood box which has a crack in it which is about an inch wide, and a care bear lands on it. She's running around going baby bear baby bear where is my baby bear and all the sudden the gun goes off the bear is off the wood shit and the bullet goes by my arm. I wake up at this point.

Weird dream huh?
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