catch22 (catch22) wrote,

I realized something tonight. How lucky I am. I talked to someone about my reaction and they said the fact I took benedryll every 6 hours till I saw the Dr, probably kept a bad situation from getting worse. It's funny, dying doesn't really bother me, it's the making the people I love sad that bothers me. So everyone keep benedryll on hand for emergencies. It may save your life.

The other thing I realized is how lucky I am to have who I've had in my life. Some I appreciate more then others. I went to see Maid in Manhattan with a friend of mine. I turned into a certified pile of Carrie goo. The movie reminded me of someone, and for a time I felt twitterpaited.

I forgot how wonderful that feeling is. I can close my eyes still and picture how it feels and it still brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. It was weird today...I'd explain more but then I'd be taken for a little coo coo for coacoa puffs. It was weird. I can feel this jagged edge in me sometimes...and I get sad about it. Most the time I can close my eyes and will it away...sometimes I can't.

Today was a unique day. Got my holiday off in Feb, Solved 3 problems that have been on going for 2-4 months. Finally threw away the last of some things I've been keeping. I think I'm finally free again. I so can't keep my eyes open so night.
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