catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Oh God. Carter screamed.

Marie never hesitated about what was forthcoming. Her body floated to the ground and didnt even react to the shock of the landing.

The sterile coldness of the white room made Carter shiver as he sat half asleep, watching her. Rocking back and forth in the rocking chair Mercy General provides in every room, he those moments that kept him from sleeping at night. Only moments before things were normal and moved at the drudging pace, the way that life proceeds for one with her experience.

Carter jolted awake as the sequence of her floating to the ground drove him back to reality. She looked so gentle and calm resting under the tan blanket. She was restless as if the demons that drove her to the edge seeking revenge for being cheated. Squeezing her hand, he prayed that she felt him; that he hadnt abandoned her like she thought he would after he knew the truth. He traced the veins in her hand, careful not to disrupt the IV that for the moment, kept her from succumbing to the demons for good.

He smiled, Marie Anne Smith, why do you always have hair in your face? The warmth from her face infiltrated his fingers as he brushed the defiant strands back where they belong. Her sigh told her that she had found temporary sanctuary form whatever was tormenting her in her dreams.

Pressing his lips to her forehead he squeezed her hand and retreated to the window.
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