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I was horridly disgusted today. I had dinner at Old Chi with a friend and these three bitter married old looking not nice ladies were drinking martinis and being totally obnoxious to everyone around them...Also hitting on the waiter and Manager. THey had about 10 martinis between all of them, then they got the bill...They were not happy. So the manager comped them 3 of the martinis at 7 bucks. They were still pissy...making totally rude comments and shit, I so wanted to say something. So they leave and they totally fucked the waiter over....PEOPLE DON'T ORDER SOMETHING UNLESS YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR IT. Finally like some line said(modified): WAIT PEOPLE ARE YOUR SERVERS NOT YOUR SERVANTS TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT. I took a stab at making it right. Now I've got warm fuzzies{END OF RANT}
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