catch22 (catch22) wrote,

There are plane tickets to London for 200 bucks one way from chicago If I get a good enough bonus, I think I may disappear for a few days.

Tonight was really interesting....almost like the pre nebraska life interesting. I went to go play pool. (I have a new cue and a goal of not sucking when I have to play on a team next year.) So I get my table and there was this guy playing at the next table and he asked if I wanted so split a table. So I'm like sure....and long story short i end up with a few really good pointers and lessons. So then We start to leave and he catches me at my truck and was all "want to make tonight interesting" So we ended up at Perkins talking about philosophy life politics etc for 3 hours straight. I'm not sure if I'll ever see this guy again. If it happens yay if not it was a thin slice of heaven.

Oh and I'm tired.
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