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My body so hurts.

1) toe nailed by some chick's staletto(sp) at Latin Night at Authers
2) thighs hurt from putting my hips in it (I'm not sure when those showed up)at Authers
3) Arms hurt from JamB swing fun
4) I'm not in as bad of shape as the dude I do Lindy class with.
5) Dinner worked out swell...planning a breakfast Feed for after JamB if people are interested
6) Must clean apt
7) Must do laundry
8) Must go to doctor sometime this week
9) Must pay bills
10)want to go fly plane
11) Get first classes of FLMI completed
12) Pray for bonus
13) Avoid "Creepy Old Guy at Latin Night or any other Dance event"
14) Lift weights again. 2 times a week
15) Sleep
16) Build/buy shelves

I read a quote that said "Be the change you'd like to see in the world." I'd like to see the world filled with happier nicer people.

I'm also keeping a resolution (go me)

"I refuse to ever go home from work really upset" Thursday night I ran 4 miles to not be upset anymore (having a gym at work rocks) then showered and went to Authers and danced till 1.

Anyways happy friday
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