catch22 (catch22) wrote,

So here's my real update since I haven't done one in a while. I may be downsized but at the moment it's looking ok for me. I'm writing music for a band that's forming, joined another one starting next sunday. I'm on call this week. I have a shit ton of scripting to do tomorrow *yay*. I'm hoping these missed calls are good news and they'll call back. My grandpa is probably moving out of his house. I can manage to keep in step in Lindy hop now. I'm learning balboa. I'm learning all kinds of latiny type dances I can't remember how to pronounce. My hair smells shampoo rules. I got a pair of wingtip shoes for 2 dollars. I bought the most hedious dress cause it had a twirly skirt and was rockabillie for this weekend at Bluffs run....probably won't wear it cause it's pink. I want to stay in Omaha a few more years at least. And now I go find insurance cards and brush my teef and go to bed.
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