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So Life has happened

I feel compelled to write again. I sit here wondering two things. What is it that we find in someone that drives us over the edge when we lose them. I mean don't get me wrong. There are empty spots in my heart where the thoughts and love for people gone still remains. I'm currently tettering on the edge to write more about why I'm even thinking about this topic and the more I think about it, the more I realize it's not important. SO back to the original thought. I was once told, or thought that we're a partially put togther jigsaw puzzle. We spend our lives finding and placing pieces in hopes of completing the puzzle and learning who we are. Where do these pieces come from? They come from experiences, from other people, from those moments we realize we can walk around the obstruction in our life rather then trying to push through it.

I still think that's partly right. But I also think that we choose our terms in a sense. We all can't be rich, famous, have the perfect body, perfect man, etc. We can choose how we deal with our situations though.

The second thought circles around perception. Perception of ourselves and our world. I mean, I'm sitting here in the middle of the morning listening to the thunderstorm, watching space ghost. It all started out with this dude calling at 1:30 that I met 2 weeks ago, wondering if he woke me up. So I putzed around, did some ink work, and ended up talking to a friend who is in lots of pain right now....lotos of it self induced. I look at people and very rarely do I find someone who is ugly. Mean, yeah. bet. Then I look in the mirror.

I think we see the most ugly things about ourselves....bleh it's to pretty outside to type.....
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