catch22 (catch22) wrote,

This won't make sense to anyone unless you were at the lesson.

Things I learned today in dance:

1. Let gravity do the work in the arms
2. Bend your knees more to center yourself over your feet.
3. Physics is a happy fun thing
4. There's a connection a lack of connection and too much connection
5. Realax
6. Lay off the caffiene
7. No nazism type movements
8. Fast but lazy
9. Don't give away any time you're given unless it's worth it
10. Nate isn't a scarey
11. Super ninja defense mode is bad Super ninja defense MOTION is good
12. There's a balance between lead and follow and the follow gets to decide how leadable she is.
13. My head hurts. More to come I learned way too much about more then dance
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