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I should be studying but oh well

Fav movie? A League of Their Own, The Last Unicorn, Chasing Amy, and Anna and the King

Fav Actress? Sandra Bullock

Actor? Morgan Freeman

Music Video? Chris Issac(k) Wicked Games.

What Video do you hate? pop crap.

What commercial do you think is funny on recent tv? The Citibank credit card commercial where they blow up downtown, and the Coke commerical with Ms wannabe Diva, Brittney...Bob Dole in there is pretty funny

What's the most annoying show on tv? - Anything on MTV with screaming teenyboppers and also Temptation Island was annoying.

What talk show is the most ghetto? - Most stuff on TV...MTV especially

What is your fav sitcom? Yes Dear

If you could look like anyone...... - Myself, I'm one sexy bitch. (not really)

What song is on right now? - My roomate snorring

What is the last thing you watched on tv today? Animal Planet...The croc. hunter.
Favorite saying? - "Moving at the speed of a charging aardvark" - Dr. Davis (marching band director)

What is just a great word in your opinion? - Re-god-dam-diculous
What is on your left? - A wall
Right? Computers (3) A big mess of books and clothes, and a closet.

What song is on now? The grumbling of my stomach

Favorite Quote? "Sleep perchance to dream, live prechance to love." "Never argue with stupid people, they'll drag you down to their leve and beat you with experience." "Be technically correct and socially impmossible."

Who do you talk to a lot on the Net? - Lots of people who I hang out with on the weekend, friends from Arizona, and my BF steve

Who is one person that has hurt you here on the net and why? - It's just the net

Would you tell them now that they hurt you if you had the chance? - No one

What do you hate the most about the net? - A/S/L checks

Who annoys you on the net? - Script Kiddies.

What do you get the most compliments on? - My ability to make things work, and being able to clean up well when I try (I'm normally a slob)

Are you short? - Short is very subjective. I think I'm short compared to 6'+ family but compared to my friends from Asia I'm a giant among people {(men) I'm going for the PC aspect.}

What do you hate that men do? - The fact that they can't be beaten by a girl in anything.

What do you hate that women do? - When they play mind games with guys that are down right mean.

What is a character flaw that you find in some people? - The inability to think for themselves

I hate it when....... - The testostrome level in my CS classes gets to high (I'm the only female CS student as of right now.)

I love it when....... - I wake up in the morning and realize how lucky I am to be where I am.

What song is on now? - Nothing, but the music in my head.

What makes you cry the most? - Sad stuff

What makes you laugh the most? - Life

Sick of this yet? - I'm answering questions from the bottom up. I'm weird like that.

Who was the first person to make you smile tonight? - It'll be my Boyfriend

Who was the first to make you smile this morning? - My chem professor who decided it would be apropros to recite a poem about an ant and it's relation to formic acid at 8:30 in the morning during lecture. (You had to be there.)

Are you smiling now? - Yes I am. I found out I'm still passing organic chemistry

What are you wearing? - Jeans I've worn for 3+ days (I haven't done laundry in 2+ weeks), a ghetto t-shirt that we made in ACM and a pullover windbreaker that says UNK on it. My bra and underwear don't match either.

Should we be done? - is that a retorical question?
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