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More to come later

There's nothing like a nice road trip all alone to help clear the mind and what not. Until you get pulled over by the Sheriff (fuck). I admit I sped, my mind was somewhere else. I'll write more later but it comes down to this.

1.) It's time to contemplate moving.
2.) It's time to really get out of debt. (shifting of funds is in order)
3.) It's time to finish up the unfinish courses that are still waiting to be completed
4.) It's time to clean house
5.) It's time to stop watching adult swim.
6.) It's time to start martial arts again.
7.) It's time to get thin again.
8.) It's time to regain control of my heart again.

I'm exhausted more to come later.

"I'm so up I'm down, and I love what's not allowed. I was lost but now I see. And now I'm growing up disgracefully"
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