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I'm geeky tonight so shove off :)

So I'm more amused then not. I'm laying on my bed and I almost have a plan completely hashed out for what to do next. But first a story of why my day ended up not being a lousy day.

At work there is this situation which I'm slightly bitter about cause I'm dealing with a guy who doesn't know the meaning of the words plan in advanced and/or can't follow directions. So I'm sitting there this morning working on random things to ensure the success of my evil admin deeds for today (yes girls and boys it's time to close the 150 root cause trouble tickets which grows by 5-10 every day...I'm duping the system, but that's another story for another time, anyway) So this guy calls up and says I need x done. So I do x and then calls up 5 minutes later and says I need y done. So I do y. Then he calls up later and says this isn't working fix it. So I go into trouble shooting mode slightly grumpy for having to jump when the dude says due to political struggles beyond my control many levels above me. So I'm being a whiney bitch, due to lack of sleep/coffee and trouble shooting, and cube mate was like "Go do face time with him and see what he's doing wrong." So I wander over there and was like show me. The guy runs an ls -l and then runs what he was trying to run. I was like, "um that's a directory." He was like "well nothing else would run." "So I said Try running the install script." It started up. Then I said "Call me ifyou have any other problems." Got back to my desk and told cube mate I deserved a gold star for tact. Only because I didn't pull a T and say "What are you a moron?" I also managed to prove my theory and actually test a fix by breaking scripts today

On the man liked my shoes....About 4 people said they liked my shoes, but they are really hot shoes...(see the lj icon). They are soooo comfortable. Unfortuantely I can't swing dance in them because there's no way in hell I can land most of the ariels I do in these...they accent my black and white work wardrobe well though. Ok time to go run clean house program and watch a video on sexual harassment. ***WHICH BTW IS NOT DUE TO THE SHOES OR ANY COMMENT MADE ABOUT THEM***
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