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Random stuff

1) I'm getting my pilot's license...It's like learning how to drive all
over again...lets just say my CFI is really really patient
2) I've decided to study math to prepare me for grad school in about 3 years
3) I've figured out how to put my foot down and change my work enviornment
to be more condusive to what I want.

I need to prove to myself that I can do math. So I'll be enrolling in math classes...GO ME.

So now this to date or not to date issue has come up. I read this book called "I kissed dating goodbye" which is written by this christian guy. It's a good book. I'm not sure I agree with his point of view, but it does make you think. I like being single. I also like going places by myself. I mean hanging with people is cool. I'm liking alone time alot more. I see this one guy every so often who always asks if I came with people? I'm not sure why he keeps asking. I'm amused by this. I also have an arrogant bastard shirt now...yay.

Friday I have to see a man about my money then figure out if I want life and/or disability insurance. Might as well spend my raise.
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