catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Two nightmares in 3 hours

I just had 2 nightmares,,,,just jotting them down while I calm down.

First night mare.
the folks and I were visiting General Dodge's house or something like that and my boyfriend at the time was with me. Evidently it was a bed and breakfast. So the bf and I got in from wherever we were late and so we didn't wake anyone up we sat down on and was hanging out in this room of this old bed and breakfast on the bed. So we were cuddling in this open room and then I wanted to go cause something didn't feel right. A guard came by and shined a flashlight in and I said hi to identify that there was someone there immediately. Of course we got the 3rd degree on why we were there and I was like we didn't kno we're leaving. He said the last thing I need was for her to take someone back with her. So We got the story about her. Who was like general dodges wife and she was looking for someone to take back with her and protect her. It was all cold in the room then so we left and the bf and I snuck back into the room we rented...I couldn't get back asleep. The next morning I did research and got the whole story on her. I never felt comfortable and felt the need to keep an eye on the boyfriend. I was scared.

Second dream

I was married or had a live in bf it seems like the boyfriend/husband was overseas. I was asleep alone in my bed and then I heard someone on the porch. It sounded like two people and they were trying to break in. So I sat there listening trying to think of what to do listening them make noise on the porch. So I get the phone and call 911 and try to get the police out there. (For some reason I had white flowey curtains) So they said they'd send someone out. So I got the gun and snuck out to where the door was. I woke up trying to decide if I was going to call out tell them the police are on the way I'm armed and if they come in I will shoot to kill. or wait till they come in.
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