catch22 (catch22) wrote,

You know my new interest is now communication. I had a mixed review kind of day with performance reviews and other things that happened. I can't say I'm estatic or upset. It's weird going from a system where you can do no wrong to one where you can do no better then average w/o compromising other parts of your life. So back to this communication thing.

I got this book..."The proper care and feeding of husbands" by doctor laura. First off I am not a big dr laura fan, but she does make some valid points in this book. Like communication styles of men/women. So I've taken a step back, and I'm looking how to apply it at work. I've got a few shark of guys I have to deal with. So now I apply some things from this book and other communication type classes I've had to take.

1.) I use to give them the whole story on what stuff I wanted to do and why and what not. I've learned this is not what they want. They want here's the problem here's the solution I'm planning to implement do you have any issues with this. It's weird coming from being micromanaged to not being.

2.) I use to try not to fuck up to do what's right now, the plan is to just do what I think is right (without breaking things further) and wait to be told I'm doing it wrong.

The other book I got is how to deal with verbally abusive people. Mainly because I think it applys to dealing with people who fluster you.

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