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Give me strength to be kind, to combine all the good things in life that are so hard to find.

It's funny how memories come and go. I just went back to a solo road trip. I was going 90 mph down the KS turnpike. Listening to Blue October the whole way. Quiet mind and come in closer were the two songs I most remember. It was July and there were thunder clouds. I feel most alive during and after a thunderstorm, I don't know why. But I digress...

So it's quite amusing when you relize you're between pages. I was going away from something great, which I'd dog ear and go back to another time. There are alot of things I'm not writing down, because some things shouldn't be written down ever. There are very few people that you realize what you have when you have them, and you act don't take it for granted that there will be another time.

The trip though, I need more of the driving. I think next free weekend I get, I want to go see car henge or go camping. I want drive home agian. I want to go through Liberal Kansas again. There's a kick ass pancake house there. I miss the desert.

God, I love this line. "Come dancing with devils, need not know their name, but we'll waltz like an army for the fear of our pain, and our souls become useless as the day we were born, in a rusted arm rocking chair away from your storm."

I can't wait to be in my new place.
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