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So I saw my first crack addict today...according to Greg. This chick showed up after dance and she looked like she had the tar beat out of her. She was asking for money to get a bus ticket home to lincoln because her husband beat her. So I wanted to call the police because she seriously was in bad shape. She wasn't a fan of that, so we asked about a safe house, and she didn't want to do that. Evidently her mom lives in lincoln so we wanted to call her mom so she could talk to them. That was no dice. So I saw the chick holding something under her shirt (mean while the kids that dance at this place finish leaving) and so I asked her what she was holding. She pulls out this claw hammer. So she leaves and JW is still out with me. Normally I'm not afraid of this type of deal...but I was kind of scared and my truck was about a block away. So I asked JW to walk me to my truck. I was very glad that he did, because something didn't feel right.

Sleep calls.
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