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You know a lot of things are done in the name of the country. A lot of things have been protested because of that. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with people exercising their right of freedom of speech, but some things really bother me today about our friendly neighborhood protesters. Problems that I have are most that I've talked to have no individual reason for protesting. They usually cite the propaganda that is shouted from the minority. If you try to get into a civil conversation with them, they want nothing to do with it. The bigger issue I have as of late are people mistreating the flag. I saw some of I's pictures (if you want to look at them find i's journal) from the Tucson's protest against the war, and I was amused by most of the signage that they had. The thing that really bothered me was the man wearing the shirt which portrayed the flag as prison bars. I wonder what our soldiers think when they see people wearing things that portray our country being no better as a prison system. I for one think we should ship him over to any other country of his choice to see if he'd be happier there.

I admit we as a nation have big issues to deal with, and these are problems my generation is being handed them on a silver platter, but you don't take an idea that so many people have fought and died for and turn it into a statement that's sums it up as all for not. That isn't the way to tribute the people who sacrificed so we don't have to. Honestly I think time is better spent working on a movement to change what's wrong then stand on a corner of the street and serve to be nothing more then a spectacle. I'm not arguing that they don't have a right to shout, I'm posing the question what are they going to do when their saturday of protesting is over. I'm comforted by one though. There was a soldier who was listening to an anti-war protester rant an rave about the military. When the protester was done, the man said "I do what I do so you have the right to do what you're doing now."
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