catch22 (catch22) wrote,

I love the spring....but I hate allergies

I so should be studying, but instead I'm lounging on my bed enjoying the outside... I so love my new digs. Mainly because I can walk to work. I'm a big fan of this though I wouldn't do it at night. I'm a big fan of the blue walls with white trim in my bedroom, I have a bedroom set that matches perfectly, and it makes the cherry colored furniture look cool.

So I'm mostly happy. The only things that could make this better is to have more chicks to hang out with and get paid more. I need to finish unpacking and study. Tonight though I think I'm going take some time to paint my nails. I need a haircut too. Well a dye job. I want to start swimming again so I don't know how fesiable that is. I also want to see an ear nose and throat person to see if there is anything I can try for sinuses/allergies that will not ground me for 24 hours after I take it.

Time to go do dishes and play in the sun.
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