catch22 (catch22) wrote,

So I'm in the process of packing and going insane and what truck starts making whiney type sounds in 3 of the 4 gears. With the fact that I am leaving Sat, I freaked. I looked at cars and have 5 leads. 4 corollas 2004/2005 variety and a 2003 sentra. I'll hit the bank and see what kind of loan I can get if the worst happens and it costs more then 500 dollars to fix my truck. I'm hoping it's a few hundred dollars to fix the truck. I love my truck. I may decide to trade in my truck for a car in Virgina. So packing officially sucks. Superman died :(. It's interesting. At work, some things I was wrong about and some things I was so right about. Leaving is a good thing. I need to call MUD and cancel that service then pay the random medical bills I have left. I hope I don't need a new car now. By the way the 2004 mazda3 is weird.
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