catch22 (catch22) wrote,

I need my back to be fixed and not have time to think. Today I had traction done in the morning and at the end of the day, I was suppose to go hang with one of the developers but that didn't happen. Today it will. So I watched A time to kill, American President, and Wedding Planner. Now i'm watching food network and the carpenter on kitchen accomplished is soooo hot.

It's funny I'm happy, but I look back in the past 3 years and the decisions I've made and it's "wow". I have been proposed to. Knew a guy I once would have married. Learned how to walk away. Learned how to treat people better. And finally it's time to relearn how to be paitent.

At the end of next week I should be able to start playing again. There's swing dancing every night. There's a good latin scene. I've narrowed what I want to do down some.

Learn spanish or chinese (probably spanish)
Learn how to kayak and play on the potomic
Swing dance
Get fit and have a rock hard stomach again
Go to the beach
Take more math for fun and profit
Take the GRE
Go to Europe
Go to Canada
Go to Maine

Anyway new focus is to look forward not back.
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