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Two items for the evening.

There are two types of authorization you can give regarding your health insurance. One makes the requester justify why they need the info and they are provided with the minimum amt of information needed to satisfy their request. (IE Employer asking if you are pregnant when you apply for maternity) THe other type is giving them a blank check Authorization is stated in the following format

Authorization to obtain Medical Information
"On behalf of me and anyone enrolled in or added to this application (us) I authorize any health care professional or entity to give the health plan, Insurer, My employer or any other designee, any and all records or information pertaining to medical history or services rendered to us for any administrative purpose, including evaluation of an application or claim."

Here's my understanding from investigating HIPAA. If you have had credible health insurance for the last 12 months you just need to show proof of coverage which is obtained from your employer or health company. Send this to the insurance company and you should be set. This only applies for group insurance. Individual can still enforce pre-existing conditions.

the point of this bit of the post is understand your rights regarding HIPAA. Ask questions. It seems to me that sometimes insurance companies try to sneak things past the people. When I called for further clarification regarding this form I asked for 2 things in writing. Why I had to provide this authorization and Who specifically would be accessing my information, what information will they be looking for, how long will they be accessing my information, how far back in my medical history would they be going and what guarantee do I have that my information won't fall in the hands of 3rd parties who would make money by sending me advertisements or using me in research. The first gentleman I talked to had the following response "You have to sign it it's for legal reasons" The second person I talked to said "Ask your company's Health Insurance Admin for the information." Fortunately my Admin rocks, and now I feel obliged to put this information up in my journal.

The second bit of writing is a rant on insurance companies. I had to fill out a questioner where my former health company which I took 2 months of cobra when I left my job is looking for a 3rd party to be responsible for my accident. My injury wasn't caused by a 3rd party. But this makes me wonder.

How hard are insurance companies looking to find someone to pin responsibility on? I mean if you burn yourself through carelessly spilling coffee on yourself in the drivethrough at McDonald's are they going to sue to make McDonald's pay for having the coffee too hot, or the Auto maker for designing the auto to subject the occupants to experience jerky movements?

Where does it end?

Maybe investigations where insurance companies go after a 3rd party rather then providing the insurance they stated they would provide is the cause of rising costs in health care.

At least the lawyers won't go hungry.

So there you go: useful info and a rant all in one.
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