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Got to deal with insurance companies again tonight.

The summary of a long story is. It's important to know your rights under HIPAA.

What pisses me off to no end is unless you know about the small detail of not giving them blanket authorization because it's a pain to revoke after being given you have given it to them....and you don't refuse to sign this authorization over to them, they make you think that you're required to sign this silly little form.

I'm torn though...On one hand you have alot of people who think the world owes them a living and they abuse insurance...on the other hand you have insurance companies who sell you a policy and then try to renig on it. Or give you 6 different answers to a simple question an a request for that answer in writing.

Main point is to know your rights.

I also need to learn to control my frustration level. I yelled at the poor girl who answered the call first because she copped an attitude with me and wouldn't let me finish explaining my situation...and wouldn't let me talk to her supervisor. Eventually I got to talk to the supervisor who helped me out and I plan on writing a "INSURANCE COMPANY, THIS IS A QUALITY PERSON. HIRE MORE OF HER" letter.


*happy, happy happy happy*
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