catch22 (catch22) wrote,

I love working from 3am to 11am. I managed to do the maintenance myself (she can be taught). I've been soo moody this week, I think it's due to boy withdrawl and having to carry pager next week. So my new goal when I move is to become anal about the whole cleaning thing. I want my place to be presentable to anyone who comes over. I live alone so there's really no excuse to why this can't happen.

Thank God it's almost spring. Winter is sooo depressing. It makes me want to move back to Arizona. The thing is, It behooves me to stay out in the DC Metro least until I get a Masters. Buy a house out here and call it good for a while. Rent is sooo insane. It almost makes it worth buying something. The place that I'm staying in now is going up to about 1300 a month, and it's only a 1 bedroom. I'm moving to an older building, but I don't have a reason to have a melroseish looking place.

This weekend I get to go try dim sum and go to Leesburg. I'm going to try and go to church Sunday morning as well. Then there's dancing. I'm torn between going to Chevy Chase or Dullas. The age group is younger in Chevy, but Dullas is closer.

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