catch22 (catch22) wrote,

I think I figured it out. It's just a matter of figuring out when to jump. I tend to believe Bach when he said something along the lines of when you step in the darkness from the light you'll either find something to stand on or learn how to fly. It's time to learn how to fly.

Ironically, I could try that again. I just need to find someone to fly with.

I have a gift certificate to spend at Best Buy. I should find something to send the soldier I adopted. I've already got a few boxes of girlscout cookies. I'm thinking another book of madlibs, because you never out grow those. It so rocked sitting at the Saltlick filling those out with about 5 other people.

It's funny, I was in OKC, and we drove by things, and I was like *aw, this is where I got gas the first time I drove to OKC I listened to Blue October until I got halfway down the Kansas Turnpike*

Ok I dozed off for about 4 hours, it's time for bed night.
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