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Check baby check

So here I am with 3 weeks of internship left to go. With a nice reality check. I wonder if I'm in the right field. I've not really accomplished alot in my internship except I learned perl, how a corporate company's Sys OP production team functions, 2 scripts which work with disaster recovery (including full external doc), and I maintain the integrity of backups on stand alone machines.

Right now I'm working on 3 more scripts and moving things over to a glorified centralized cron.

In my defense these scripts deal with complex security constraints and I don't have root access to test the scripts.

I've learned how much my skills are lacking.

I want to do the following for the rest of the year.

1. Maintain the school UNIX lab environment
2. Become versed in Database theory
3. Learn SQL
4. Learn C

Maybe I should find something else. The thing I'm finding with being swamped in tech is I'm loosing some of the arts talent I had.

Sigh enough whining

Ok goodnight
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