catch22 (catch22) wrote,

I am amazed by events this semester. Two things have made me mad. The university and/or has been having prayer meetings, and these are a "come if you want to" type thing. There were some people in the halls in the science building that were making fun of these people. The other thing that pisses me off is in such an emergency there are people who could care less. In my Econ class, a few of us upperclassmen wanted to see Bush's first address after the attacks. Some stereotypical sorority types were "It's just the President." This event has taken the lives and innocence of us all. Our military is gearing up for something big. The topic these girls were more concerned with was someone's nose job.

Surprisingly, I am not angry about the attack...just sad. I will always remember walking into the Science building and seeing the carnage on cnn. I remember hearing about attacks in DC and spending an hour trying to get through to make sure my sister was alright. (Her company has offices across from the Pentagon and in the District.)

Right now I feel our best bet is to get behind our government and let the world know that we aren't going out like that. So wear a ribbon, fly a flag, and pray.

God bless
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