catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Choose your Destiny or someone will do it for you.

Thus ends another period of stress and self reflection. 5 more weeks until graduation, and I'm finally starting to enjoy school. Which brings me to my self reflection. I've determined that I'm way to negative. This didn't use to be the case. All the little screw ups and stuff like that bothered me. So I decided this is the main self image thing I'm going to change. It seems to be working. I got bitched out by a complete moron at work and it really didn't bother me. I've decided if I can live with myself and my actions, everyone else can too.

With five more weeks until I face the cold cruel world I'm still unemployed. I've started applying with anyone who had a job I was qualified for. I finished an interview for a help desk analyst position which went well. After lots of though this job might be a good thing because it's 8-5, gives me free college (I'm going to go study math and spanish for a while) and isn't really stressful. It had me worried for a while because I like hard and stressful work so I thought I'd get bored, but maybe this is the cause of all my problems in the first place. I've decided if I get this job I'll take it due to the fact that I have time to choose what I want to do. This use to bother me but doesn't anymore
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