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I'm fucking moody. Be forwarned

I think the word to all this flurry of journal entries is betrayal. I dont think I resent being hurt by the current situation. I feel so fucking betrayed and that hurts so bad. Usually when I write things out I can piece together logic in my mind. Ive always written poems, stories, rants, etc. This emotion is beyond it. Right now I think I could write pages and pages of shit trying to sort this overload out and I still wouldnt be close to being started.

I did meet someone on the plane coming back from Arizona. She was from New York (great accent) and she has a bf in Tucson. The woman is going through a divorce after being married 28 years and still she finds love again. Isnt it the case that they are thousands of miles apart, but thats still pretty amazing.

So now Im questioning how I determine who I trust. I dont trust him right now, because he didnt have the fucking common courtesy to talk to me before things got came to a head at the present situation. So things are going to be different from here on out. Thats all I have to say about that at the present time.
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