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Hey dumb blonde,

I figure the following list is some advice that you could have used five years ago.

1. Bad things happen to regardless of what you do to prevent them. This however, isn't a reason to shut out the world. By shutting out the world from your true self, you create this image, a faade that takes more energy then its worth to uphold.
2. Emotion is not a bad thing to share. Cry if you're sad. Scream and Shout if you're angry. People usually can take these emotions in stride. In fact they expect them.
3. All men aren't bad. Most that are bad news can't be changed. They are the good ones to stay away from.
4. Talk to your parents about things that are bothering you. They are less fragile then you think.
5. Let go of the friendships with mean spirited people, they are the friends that eventually turn on you.
6. Take auto shop. It probably will save you thousands in auto repair.
7. Take advantage of the fact that you could become bilingual in Spanish. This would probably help you get jobs and a BA in College.
8. Take advantage of the fact that you have possibly the best music opportunities most people your age have. Practice, you'll be closer to reaching your potential.
9. Don't give up on Swimming in high school because of injuriesInjuries are minor setbacks not major catastrophes.
10. Don't work that extra shift when you don't have to. Working 12 hours then driving home past a bar that bad lighting and people running back and forth across a highway where the speed limit is 55mph is a bad combo.
11. Apply yourself by taking college classes. The sooner you start the more likely you'll not graduate with 20 some extra electives to your transcript.
12. Stop being shy and learn how to socialize. Working hard, then playing harder isn't the way to go through life.
13. Detours are good things. You learn more then you do going through life like you would a connect the dot game.
14. Your opinion is valuable, voice it when asked for it, and sometimes when it wasn't asked for.
15. You are a beautiful, talented, and intelligent woman deal with it. True, its bad to show off, but it's also bad to hide behind how you think the world sees you.
16. Don't let anyone take what's rightfully yours. Being your work, credit, etc. On the other hand don't take more then what's rightfully yours.
17. Never let the words Can't, Won't, Never, etc. stop you from achieving your goals. The body achieves what the mind believes in the end.
18. Learn how to spell.
19. Thank your parents for making you take typing. It comes in useful in the major you selected.
20. Remember what it's like to hit bottom, deal with it immediately, then start climbing up again. The longer you dwell the harder it is to get to where you were.
21. Drop one or two of your activities and become excellent at the rest. You don't want to become the best at any given activityyou loose the ability to be versatile. But it really sucks later when you have become good at many things then you have to choose. Like I'm talking college life.
22. Be direct. Sugar coating should be left for lemon drops and gumdrops.
23. Never ever compare yourself to someone else's standards. You set your own goals, and achieve them at your own pace. In the end, life is how much you've grown. Only two people ultimately know what you are capable of. One of them is you. The other one is whom you answer to when you die.
24. Read more.
25. Save the McDonalds toys in their original wrapping, They might become collector items.
26. Stay with the pianoif you get proficient at it, music students will pay you $10+ dollars per half-hour for you to accompany.
27. Next time you're at Stanford look where you are going. Poles move for no woman

I'm sure there are more, I'll bet back to you when I remember them.


A more wise dumb blonde
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