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So Ive decided that Ive been living all wrong. Which is ok, its just time to take a new direction. I started down this path alone and Im returning to the point again at the conclusion alone again. Its the end of this chapter, and its was an amusing one. Ive decided that I want to write again, and so I shalla story called Delusions for Fun and Profit. Maybe Ill even try to publish the nonsense. I also had an idea for a One Act called Quartet. I also am going to try my hand at canvas painting. I often make fun of the artist and author, but its in good fun. My mentor is an author and some of my friends are artists. Theirs is a world of interesting reality. So is the world of the geek. It amazes me how people on two opposite ends of the spectrum can find comfort in being totally miserable. Ive swung from Artist to Geek and now Im somewhere in the middle. College sucked when I graduate itll be time for reward. The reward I think I deserve, pure unadulterated happiness and agonizing silliness, uncontrolled between the hours of 5pm 5am. Used with in good measure the rest of the time. I didnt fuck up my life too much. Its pretty impressive considering

So I am returning to that same fork in the road that Ive hit so many times before with the possibility that Ive finally learned the lesson taught at this juncture the Nth time around. Has she finally learned?it might be time to call AP Network News. I want to be the butterfly in The Last Unicorn.
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