catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Poetry of mine that I wanna keep

Here's some poetry I never had the guts to let people read.


As we walked along the moor, we watch the thunderheads roll in,
He starts to talk about a future, our future together.
Then it starts to rain, and we run to the porch.
Between the thunderclaps, he tells me that he loves me.

I wake up.

And for an all to brief moment,
I forget the time and place.
As his shadow touches my skin,
I remember.
I remember the sensations of true love,
That are dead and gone from my life now.

As the lightening flashes,
I see his letter jacket hanging on my bedroom door,
And his picture on my dresser.

And as the bittersweet memories come to an end, I know he's in a better place, and happy.
And though we are apart physically,
I hold his spirit in my heart just as he holds mine.

Knowing that someday our souls will be reunited,
Again for all eternity never to be lonely again.

The bitter serum floods the heart,
Filling it with a powerful acid,
Which eats away ever other emotion,
Till there is just the over-powering presence.

It feeds on hurt being physical or spiritual,
Festering the wounds on the body and soul,
Causing a boil which cannot be treated,
Due to the hostility towards the very hands that wish to help.

It is dividing the house,
Weakening the link,
And harnessing the light.

Leaving scar upon scar,
That mutilates and mars the inner being,
Transforming it into the thing feared by all.

The loathed creature is left alone,
To its self-created hell.

It tries to postpone the inevitable, pathetic demise.



Every night, as I go to sleep,
I dream of the future.
In it I have everything I ever wanted,
And someone to come home to.
He waits by the fireside,
With a blood-red rose, and wine to match the mood.
As I look into his eyes,
He says he loves me.
And as we snuggle,
I know I'll always be in love with him.
It was the pureness of his heart,
And the tenderness of his soul that tamed me.
From the moment I met him I knew we would be together.
As I drift back into reality:
I smell the pine burning in the fireplace,
I feel the touch of his hand on my face,
I hear the drum-like cadence of his heart.
I great the morning with open arms,
Someday I'll find this.


Who am I?
Where am I to go?
I use to know.
I looked away for an instant
And now that knowledge
Escapes my fingertips
Like the shadow
I insisted on catching
As a kid
Nothing scared me
Now I jump at my shadow
Of losing who I was
Who I am
At the moment
I am me
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