catch22 (catch22) wrote,

The real education begins

The choice is kind of easy now. I think I'm going to pause on the spiritual development and figure out how far I can get in this job track....I'm curious.

I got another project...well actually three today. The less important first. I'm writing another script for DR (those guys are sooo fucking cool, I'd script anything for them complete with the retarded's just another fence to hurdle. Project #2 is completely a new procedure...We need a way to keep track of what apps are running on which server. I've got it almost done in theory now it's just a informal version of a job proposal and then about 6 hours of work once I find the go to guy. Who I think I delt with this summer. I'm kinda working on the crap that everyone needs but no one wants to do with these two projects but I'll know more about the way the system is set up, plus the doc sucks and is only moderately useful. This annoys me greatly. I want to become like the DASD God and be able to have the answers to any question people ask.

Now the best thing. I got pulled into a project today via the reqest of the team leader from another team going through one of the VP's to my manager. You can't tell me that doesn't kick ass. Someone somewhere thinks I'm mildly intelligent.:) This is going to be fun. We're rolling out a performance monitoring package on 400+ servers of various flavors. This would deal with LAN and WAN issues in a round about way too. This project is a shoe in for the 10K dollar quality award from what the Sr. Consultant says...Which means I get to see a chunk of that :) Woo hoo.

Anyways it's time to try another Martial arts place.
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