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I'm going to have one hell of a phone bill. I think I'll write about tonight's events in a few weeks. I need some distance and some an outlit for some of my self-caused solid rage. I kind of am all cried out now. It kind of still hurts just as bad when you can see what is going to happen. I guess it's my own fault because I wanted to give it my all. I needed to know that there wasn't anything possibility untried. I guess I learned that my intuition is 100% dead anyone who tells me it's not can fuck off.

I'm kind of glad I canceled my movie date pre-emptively (saw this rainstorm coming guess that's something to be happy about) because I'm going to work an hour early and hopefully I can be in bed by 3pm up by 6:30 at KB by 7 and in bed by 10pm. I think i won't wake up though. I think i'll catch 2 hours Thursday. Then get my bag sometime this week. Kick the crap out of that on Friday and Workout Sat. I'm being kind of a weenie about this work out thing.

I probably should get a paid account since I don't have the ability to do the custom group thing I don't think. Then I can be not so abstract. Anyway I think the bridge is burning even as we speak.
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