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Is there anything worse then life without a challenge?

I just woke up from a nap. I fell a little better except for the aching muscles. Bought a laptop today (yay) but don't feel much like dicking with it tonight. Once again I find myself trading one set of complexities for another. I sleep now.

***I just got out of the shower and I was thinking about a discussion I had with a coworker today. He's really quite intune to life if he weren't so damn antagonistic all the time. Anyways I evidently remind him of his daughter. To which he decided to bestow some fatherly advice which went kind of like this. Guys want one thing the sooner you understand that the easier it'll be to understand guys. Any guy who tells you different is lying. Then he proceeded to say now was the best time to date as many guys as I can while doing all the shit I want to do in life. This kind of makes sense at the moment as much as I would like to argue with him even for the sake of arguement I can't. I've not always been super shy about being social, right now that kind of is challenging. This guy then said what are you going to do sit in your apt and wait for the people to come through the computer? It's time to get out there and do shit again.

I'm kind of glad to be back at square one. The only reason I can think about this is that I have a wholistic understanding of what this all means now. It's not totally complete but I can understand his actions and now my emotions. Anyway it's time to rediscover myself, and lay my own social circle. The thing that is going for me is I'm use to being alone so I get to be picky. Things really aren't so bad...I just need to realize I don't have to go things alone.
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