catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Clearning my head

The water glistened silver in the moonlight. She could already feel the chill of the waters embrace that woke her body up every morning at O five hundredthe O meaning oh my God its early. She lived to swim though; it was the time when she was the happiest, her body cutting thought the water like a well-oiled machine. Each muscle moving with the exact precision needed to move from one end of the pool flip turning then returning to the beginning? It was a beautiful thing, the force she mustered against the resistance that was always there.never changing. The only challenge was figuring out ways to minimize the resistance.

Distance was her forte. Shed set a pace and once that was secure shed stick with it until the end, ignoring the exhaustion of every muscle until the fingers brushed the touch pad. This was the time when it was just her and the clock. Get to the end as fast as possible, yet the race always took forever. Shed have music going through her head as she swam, to block out the noise outside of the pool. Total isolationism in a crowded area. The water gliding by, air and water current tickling every part of the body making one totally aware. Then it ends and the return to reality is inevitable.
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