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I got so pissed off today. So I left work to go home at quitting time and just got madder and madder thinking about my situation. It's piddily stuff compared to things my friends are dealing with now, but still I'm kind of on the edge at the moment. So I skidded infront of my mail box and stomped towards it. I happened to look down and there were these little purple flowers I swear weren't there yesterday. So being in the mood I was jumped up and down on them...(not really) I did pause to admire it, and it kind of brightened up my day. Then I curled up and fell asleep to the simpsons...and went to kickboxing. It was boxing night tonight. I'm so all about getting back into the shape that I was in pre college. There are indeed spaces right now on the competition team...if I can convince myself I'll be decent enough to do the whole hits to the head then I'm golden. I slightly participated in shin numbing exercises....where people cross shins on purpose so to deaden the nerves in them. I'm not so sure that losing the nerves in the shins is a good idea. Maybe I an be sold on this idea later.

Anyway to the bath for me. On another note...kitty has made progress in her toilet training. I may get my 2nd bathroom back after all. It's all about the pine scented disinfectant that I used to keep her on target. I'm so hopeful that some day this apt will be litter free.
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