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Rocking the house

Tonight freaking rocked. I almost didn't go work out tonight. We worked the clinch again. Then afterwards I got to grapple. I love grappling it's one thing that I don't have to think about to do. I got to play with guys who weighed 200+ lbs, and managed to hang with it 3 hours. Grant it, they chould have killed me by sitting on me (so I got a break), but I manged to get a few submissions. Guys really don't like to have to tap out.

So I got my invite to train on the weekends, which is very cool, because the weekend is when all the real stuff happens. This guy I grappled with also volunteered to help me with my glovework too. I like this idea...since all the girls that work out on Sat are really deadly with their strikes...I'm kind of partial to my nose and internal organs.

Bed time.

Status report:

I can almost jumprope the whole 15 minutes now
I also gained a pound since last weighing *this was being weighed all dehydrated and stuff*
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