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You ever get to the point where you know everything is going to be ok? I think it's the fact that I actually get to get out tonight, and the new boss isn't an asshole. Don't get me wrong I really could care less who our new boss end up being but There are just some with better people skills. I think the whole harmonious vibe thing is going to remain somewhat intact with this new guy. The team has this hands off environment where our manager basically runs interference so we can get shit done. My old boss was excellent at this.

I may be moving desks again. Evidently I might have a chance to get entrenched in this Perf Mon project and that spells Quality Winner (aka 10K split between the team) and Job security. Get to do "one on one time with the new boss sometime next week.

I'm mostly excited about having something different to do every night that's not sitting infront of a computer. I'd like to almost say I'm developing a life.

I drove around downtown after work. i really really need my digital camera.
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