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What an interesting night.

Today was pretty interesting. I broke down and got a digital camera...deciding if I like it or not. So I picked up Mark and we wandered around. He met my cat and we decided to go to the Junction for the show. We had time to kill so we wandered around downtown. We walked by the first place that I went to a rave at, that was interesting flashback. Then we hit a bookstore/art gallery where there is this big sculpture called soaring eagle. The Carsinogents were playing. They didn't do the flaming tiki torch tonight which disappointed lots of people. The other band that played before the Carsinogents had their shit stolen out of the back of a van as they were loading to come to the show. This was a big ass bass amp. However they didn't get the new bass guitarthis guy had. Hope the dude gets his amp back. It seems everyone has a band. I talked to a guy from the Snake Handlers who wants me to snap photos for him even though I claim to suck at it. There are two more pictures that I grabbed. One is me leaning on my railing on my balcony. The other I have no fucking idea what it's of. It was about the time I was avoiding the single mosher(?) Dance like no one is watching right? I think it looks pretty pimp Then we headed back to the truck and watched a fight starting to develop. Watched about 20 people go after each other or something and then watched the police arrive. I didn't think it was prudent to get pictures of that. Then we took off.
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