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gotta love this training. Tonight I did two classes one to loosen up which was the cardio kick, the other was basically hell. I'm soooo bruised and I had pads. TKD is not a good way to fight I've learned the hard way :). now I'm breaking old habits for new ones....maybe this time I'll learn how to move. Tonights fun went back to working with this chick who knows how to use her legs forcefully. She's done this for 7 months, my goal is to kick as hard as her by then. Then we had ab training ending in being walked on by all the black and red belts. Now I'm telling you that having big muscle bound guys walk on your stomach is a real treat. I felt like I was in the iron man competition or something where they drive the truck on the guys stomach. If I can make it here I'm going to be a tough chickie. *yay* I just want my body and energy back. The being able to really fight both standing up and on the ground is a bonus.
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