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I love the scatterbrained days

There are some things about society I find really amusing. My company culture amuses me. Maybe I was pegged right as someone who'd be stable...I mean from what I see they encourage and strive for retention which makes sense. One of the ISMs was talking to me about buying a house or property. I want to travel and move around but I don't mind staying in one place easier. So my gage until I have other priorities is the level of my happiness. I find this has served me well in the past. So back to this house thing. I'm really intrigued but it means 5-7 years of gambling on having this job (odds I think are still in my favor). Omaha isn't really a tech rich economy in my honest opinion. It'd be better to move somewhere like Phx or DC or TX where you could get fired and hired in the same day.

I love my new boss. He's like my old boss but I thing our personalities will jive. I'm still thinking I'm going to stay in the High Tech Career path...moving to one where I'd try to become management still doesn't appeal to me no matter how much money is in it. I really don't enjoy being incharge. I like grunt work. I also like being aware of political games and knowing enough to sit on the sidelines and watch rather then get dragged in. (Thanks to almost breaking down at a job in SV...I learned to play hard ball fast)

I'm doing shit I use to do when I had a life in HS. The martial arts are an interesting deal, I don't have reads on the owners of the gym, but then again when I started I was really distant and standoffish. I hope Mike is there tonight I need to appologize for leaving him hanging...I figure it's cool since there was no hard set plans and I'm trying to right myself before starting to interact closely with people.


I'm really glad life is in high tide at the moment. I think I'd go insane if I had anymore free time to ponder. Though the idea of making peace crossed my mind. I think I'll pocket the urge until a little later when I don't have to worry constantly about my head being bit off by this Sr. Admin.

So I have a question. I never really ate spicey food because it has a bad after taste and irritates my stomach somewhat. Today I had some decent Thai food. It worked wonders on my sinuses does one get use to the whole stomach thing/after taste thing?

I could write novels today...I feel that good about shit. But it's beautiful and I've spent an hour already on the puter so I think I'm going to go play :)
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