catch22 (catch22) wrote,

page 27 # 5

There is a place where if you sit in the right place a whole new world opens up to you where the contrary of complement becomes fact. Some call it imagination some call it their hidey-hole away from reality. This is where I use to live in grade school during naptime, bedtime, and math class. This is where I turned to when I was confined to my room as punishment for normal unruly kid activities. This is where I could close my eyes and watch the stories happen before my eyes. Being trained in many fine art forms, which I include writing; its where I turned to for inspiration for every art form. Theres music in the water, dancing on the wind, theater in the streets, painting in the sky, sketches exploding out of thin air. The characters live here. The written word comes out of their mouths in diction, just write it down, its that simplenot really but we can pretend. The simplicity becomes complex when multiple characters are screaming at you, when their talk its like being a beginning Korean student in an advanced Russian literature class. All you hear is gibberishwords that you think you know the meaning to but are mistaken after seeing it transcribed. This is the place where stories happen where inspiration hits you with a strong left hook regardless if you wanted it or not. This is the thing most artists would kill for. The moment when you arent chasing the muse, only catching glimpses of it, in the corner of your eye, between moments of dream and wake. This is the moment where the muse picks you theres no choice but to entertain it for a while until its satisfied or determines you are a complete moron and goes to bless someone else.
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