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I finished my assignment (the previous) And today is judgement day for both the writing sample I sent in yesterday and the current one. Free writing time
Welcome back to humanity...the place where stuff is real again. Where there's no bullshit or anything that is fake. Then again the speed of light has been exceeded so real is subjective given the right perspective. I probably shouldn't be trying to correct my spelling and grammar on the fly. I don't any other time why should i now? I'd like to curl up and go to sleep right now. Maybe I'll forgo lunch aand do this. I'm kinda in a null mood. I should do some math but I' really don't want too. Maybe I shoudl go exercise because I feel slothy. Don't waste your money on me me me me me. Life's to short baby time is flying I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine. Woudl you light my candle. God I don't want to ever skateboard...I'd kill myself. I wonder if my boyfriend got his cable hooked up because I really don't want to go to a sports bar to watch a football game. I could care less about football.

Anyway time for class
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