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OK I had to post for historical purpose

It's a start from a completely white canvas I don't know where it's going yet.

The quest.

I use to be in a band. Somewhere in the middle of it all I learned about theme and variation. So my life has turned into such a concept. Now there�s a point where it all stops being theme and variation and rounds (I added this concept as an afterthought) and starts becoming noise�painful ugly incomprehensible noise. It is so noisy I can�t hear myself think anymore. So what does one do when it becomes too noisy to be anything but a glimmer of what you are�You stop and try again. I want to try again. I�ve stripped away and stopped everything. The quiet is good. Right now the calm is easy to find and easy to hold. Soon it will get harder because it is time to pick up the mess, rosin up the bow and play that simple theme from long ago. There�s been nothing but work, meditation, art, and music (and this entry to quell my screaming addiction to the net justified by my urge to write and keep this in the central stronghold.) I am full of hope.
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