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I was reading some comments in Adam's journal about love and now feel like writing an entry about it. Love is a wonderful glorious beautiful thing...and as fucked up as things get in life people need to remember this. I've come to believe for as much hate and hurt in the world, it is out weighted by love. It's what keeps us why not fill life up with the people and things you love?

Everyone has there dime store story about how love has fucked them over in one way or another. I know I have mine, but the thing is it happened...what a great feeling it is to love and be capable of being loved...this is something that will last forever deep down it'll always be there. We get in trouble when we deny this I think rather then accept it...and you're talking to the queen of repression. I've been lucky enough to be in love twice. The first time I totally denied it when he and I couldn't be together...I tried to hate him which only leaves you feeling cold and alone, and I've traveled that route...not very fun. Second time around I tried to convince myself that I hate him, but even when I'd get out of the shower and get up in the morning and try to psych myself into this mindset I didn't believe me. It's like honestly thinking that I'm a mean kick ass fighter...I'm not and never will be.

I'm sounding so cheesy but I'm going to post anyway and leave it with this thought. I use to love (and still do) throwing rocks into ponds, puddles any misc body of water. I think the ripples are so cool. Now there's some snippet of science that the rippling lasting forever or at least longer then when we think it's ended. When it's all been said and done and the pond looks the same, there's still the rocks in there. Changed forever now if this is ends up being a blessing or a curse is up to the person.
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